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Upside Down Thinking – Andy Turner

Upside Down Thinking – Andy Turner

Every Monarch has a kingdom. A ‘realm’ over which they rule & reign. As Christians, we live under the rule & reign of King Jesus, as citizens of his kingdom, the “Kingdom of God.”

As someone who has been born, raised and lives in the U.K., British culture and values make perfect sense to me. Why wouldn’t they?

However, I once spent a month living in Argentina. It was very strange to sleep for 2 or 3 hours in the middle of the day.

When I explained that ‘back home’ I caught a train to work every morning, leaving at exactly 7.52 from Cardiff Central, this information was greeted with amazement, in a culture where trains come ‘in the morning’ or ‘in the afternoon.’

It takes a while to orientate to a different culture – and it can seem very strange and unsettling in the process. When we become Christian, we begin a process of retraining our thinking, according to God’s principles and thought patterns.

It can come as a shock when we realise Jesus’ thinking is so contrary to what we’ve always believed or thought. So much so, God’s thinking can seem upside down. However, it is our thinking that is upside down and God is trying to re-orientate us to what has always been true.

For myself, when God tries to adjust me, teach me something new, or correct me, my first reaction is usually emotional resistance. “Is that really the way things work in God’s kingdom? How could I have been so ‘off the mark?”

However, a commitment to live as a disciple of Jesus is to invite him to turn our thinking upside down, no matter how uncomfortable it can be to start with. But, ‘Kingdom thinking’ ultimately brings great joy, peace, wisdom and freedom.

To what extent are we prepared to have our thinking turned upside down by Jesus?

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