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Internet & the Kingdom

Internet & the Kingdom

Pete asked me to summarize Sunday’s message, and I’ve draw two big ideas, both “Opportunities” relating to the Kingdom, from all that he shared. (I hope I do you justice Pete.)

Roman Roads

2000 years ago the Romans build the first motorways. The Romans were many things.  Brutal, but also brilliant engineers. But the Romans were not normally thought of as being pro-Christian (until at least 400 years after Jesus.)

However, the Romans’ ingenuity was used by God for His purposes, and the super chariot-ways could also be used to transport the message of Christianity.  Within a few decades, the gospel travelled the length and breadth of the Empire.  The technology of the day was being used to get God’s stuff done. Clever God.

We live in an age where the Internet, inter-connectivity and social media is increasingly the dominating way in which communities communicate with each other. As Christians we can react in one of two ways to this reality.  We can deny it exists, or embrace it as an opportunity for the Kingdom.

What this means practically is still evolving, however Pete’s key idea here was to make sure we don’t miss a trick!  Opportunities which are opening up because of the Internet, a “modern day” equivalent of the Roman Roads.

On-line Profile Integrity

As professing disciples of Jesus we need to be super aware of our on-line profile.  What are we sharing and what are we connecting with.  At 10.30 on Sunday morning, we are raising our hands in passionate worship.  But at 2.00pm we are sharing a link from a page with a swear word in it’s title, or much worse, something about cats being cute…!  Can both salt and fresh water flow from the same spring?

In reality I’ve got nothing against cats, and if you want to like them on Facebook, more power to you.


The Internet, as with most things, is a neutral thing. The Internet is neither inherently evil nor good, but neutral.  It can be used for either purpose. We have an opportunity use the Internet for good purpose if we are savvy. And also by being mindful and wise in how we conduct ourselves when we are there.

And if anyone really wants to post some links to “Cats are Cute” on Youtube, then do as you must…

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