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Author: Andrew Turner

Happiness Part 3 – Meekness

When my son grows up he wants to be tough.  He wants to chop logs with an axe. He wants to drive a monster truck. He wants to be a rich and famous volcanologist and an inventor of gloves that can hold lava. And as his dad, I’m secretly quite proud of his aspirations.  What dad doesn’t want a ‘tough’ son? But would I, or any parent be just as proud if our children told us one day, “Dad, when I grow up, I want to be meek”? What comes to mind when we hear someone described as meek? ...

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Happiness Part 2 : Funeral Parlors or Fantastic Parties?

As we continue to work through the ‘Kingdom Manifesto’ (Matthew 5), Jesus says in verse 4, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.“ At first thought – this seems ludicrous. Is Jesus really saying, ‘…you will be supremely happy if you go to lots of funerals?’ In Ecclesiastes, it says, ‘…It is better to go to a house of mourning than a house of feasting…’ I imagine, like myself, most ‘normal’ people would choose a party over a funeral any day of the week. So how can it be more of a blessing to mourn rather...

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How to be Supremely Happy – Part 1

“Blessed are the poor in spirit…”  (Matthew 5 : 3) There is a wrong ‘teaching’ or ‘spirituality’ that exists in the minds of some Christians, that being poor is more ‘spiritual’ than being rich.  (There is an equally incorrect idea that being wealthy is principle evidence of godliness…for discussion another time!) However, ‘poor in spirit’ comes from the Greek New Testament word ‘ptochos‘ which means ‘…to be as poor or as starving hungry as a beggar.’  In other words, what Jesus was teaching was, ‘…you will be supremely happy and spiritually prosperous if you have completely lost your independence...

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9 Keys to true happiness

I want my children to be happy. I’ve never met a sane, balanced and sensible parent who would say otherwise. If you have daughters, like I have, they’ve worked out that I love them, and they have developed finely honed skills of manipulation which allow them to wrap daddy around their little finger. (But that is a story for another day!)   In the same way, God wants us to be happy. He wants our good, He wants our best, and He is for us, every day of our lives. What an awesome thought.   Sometimes called ‘The Beatitudes,’...

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